• European patent search – why is it that essential? All you need to know before carrying out a scientific discovery!

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    In case that you are an engineer, an entrepreneur, or simply a creative guy, and you came up with an idea for a an original, exceptional technology, you probably should first verify if someone has not discovered it before you.


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    Internet engines allow fast and effective research of chosen scientific and technological knowledge in patent databases. Anybody can utilize patent info for their individual needs.
    To meet the expentacies of users of patent information, patent centers and worldwide organizations disseminate through the online databases the latest achievements in science and technology published in the patent record. Patent info composing an essential and specific part of scientific and technical info in a free market economy is often identified with the activity of scientific and industrial environments. The analysis shows that every year, because of the lack of patent info, huge sums are obtained for the development of results that have long been known. In practice, it often turns out that the expenditures of developing a new technology will never be reimbursed for several years, because in the meanwhile, the exclusive rights to this ss7 protection have been earned by somebody else.

    That is because before beginning any reasoning on a new solution, it is worthy to implement a European patent search to ensure that our effort will not be wasted. Furthermore, before visiting the Patent Office, you should read the application documentation of the solution, which should meet rigorously defined formal requirements.