• How to obtain famous GOST Certification for our company?

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    In present World, every corporation can sell its products to everybody who is willing to pay for them. However, occasionally, many goods require certificates to be able to be sold in the stores and supermarkets. The most common products, which have to be tested before the customers can buy them, are: beef, dairy products and fish. However, every country possess its own criteria when it comes to introduction cooking items on the marketplace. In most countries of the European Union, the laws are pretty much the same, but from the west edge of Poland the situation is a little different.


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    In Russia, Belarus and in Kazakhstani are needed different certificate, which is called gost certification. Gost certification of conformity attesting the conformity of production with quality and safety specifications started for the manufacturing of Standards in the Russian Federation. GOST accreditation is the equivalent to the ISO level, but it is required just in http://certificator.eu/en/Certification/GOST-R.htmlcate] totally agrees with the attributes and excellence of the item, which are described in the normative and legal documents. The object, which has been qualified, indicates its trustworthiness and has improved possibilities to increase need from the buyers.

    -> certificator.eu/certificate of conformity is issued by the government which are accredited by GOSSTANDART of Russia. The basis for the issuance of the GOST-R document is a protocol of studies done by certified laboratories. Depending on the kind of production sometimes, here are required extra certificates or documents, such as fire safety certificate or state registration of the product.


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    Here are two kinds of certificates, depending on the demand. The first certification is provided for production batch. It is a GOST R conformity certification for a single portion of (supply) production. The second document is issued for the enormous industries which want to trade products for lots of years. The GOST R Serial Certificate can be issued for one, 2, three or 5 years. Exportation is efficient economy branch. However, every country can establish own requirements and Russia certainly does it.