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    Now, in moments in time of international business every second counts. Increasingly individuals do not employ employees to work in their offices, they like to employ freelancers. The freelancers must finish the job in specific time limit and sometimes they have to work with other outworkers or individuals from normal offices. Those are the explanation why there is much time tracking software available on the marketplace.

    One of the most popular times tracking computer programmes is named trello . Trello has been developed by Fog Creek Software and it was 1st published on 13th September 2011. The 1 of the most significant creators of the time tracking software is Joel Spolsky.


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    Let’s look closer on the Trello time tracking software. It is not difficult to use software which makes better us to improve our business and casual life. The programme is founded on cards ss7 network security you write down your ideas, your present activities, your ideas and tasks which are suppose to be completed soon. It is achievable to put lots data on the card. You can put there: days, checklists, attachments, comments and others. It is user’s personal cards so it is significant to create it that way to meet your needs. Moreover, Trello gives team work with your fellow workers. You are able to do the same things in the same point of time on the same page. Trello develops contact between your workmates. More software development outsourcing.

    Trello is 21st c. computer programmes which has influential features. Some of them are:
    Disaster-proof – even when you close the cards, you can get them back and do not misplace your information.
    Privacy – the stored data is secured and is saved as private.
    Availability- you are able to make a use of Trello no matter which equipment you use. Trello works on tiniest smartphones and large personal computers’ screens. It is a large convenient, because you can use the computer programmes wherever you are.

    Another big advantageous of applying Trello is cash. Trello is without charges computer programme. As the authors promises it is not going to change. It is great news for every consumers but also for those who would like to begin using this point of time tracking software.