• The future modifications in today’s vehicles

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    In the twenty-first century, vehicle is treated like a kid or woman. Which is why, the majority of the cars have female labels. The automobile owners look for better and better technology to their automobiles continuously. That text will focus on 2 improvements which are soft closing of the car doors and expert sound system which could be set up in most of modern cars.


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    1 of the company, which has introduced many innovations is German organization, called BMW which is famous on the marketplace and which launched lots of practical gadgets for the vehicle users. The majority of the current designs in the text was used from BMW autos. The BMW organization was created by 3 designers from Germany. Their names are: Gustav Otto, Karl Rapp and Franz Josef Popp. The time of starting the BMW business is the 7th of Mar 1916, so to this year the organization is on the marketplace for 99 years. The major organizations are located in Munich, Germany. At the beginning, the organization started to manufacture only the cars and later their manufacturing included also motorcycles and machines. The first innovation is technic pnp (site). It is well-developed sound system which is applied in the majority of the BMW autos. These days, the men and ladies drive more and more so it is worth to hear music during the drive.

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    The automobile is a perfect ‘metal tin’ where the right speakers can make the sound perfect. The main functions of the sound system is immediately selecting of used speakers, bass, stability and more. The next modern system which has been used in the BMW cars is soft close of doorways. In the BMW automobiles is a unique opportunity to install soft close retrofit. It is another retrofit of the cars. The door shutting in the vehicles is alike to closing the contemporary cooking cupboard. Here is not traditional crack of closing doors but the smooth and mild closing. Thanks to the advance technology, the vehicle becomes something more than it used to be some years ago. Here are many improvement which can be installed in the BMW vehicles which are signal of future days.